Jacqueline Tabrizi
Prosperity & Transformation Coach

Jacky is an extraordinary coach.

Jacqueline is a beautiful coach inside and out. Her light shines brightly and her heart and soul are filled with God’s blessings. Her energy is so phenomenal and transferable. She helped me experience how powerful I am in creating the life I want and helped me find a way out, no matter how hopeless or desperate the situation looks. Jacky is an extraordinary, sincere coach full of femininity. I feel like I want to talk to her every day and reach out to her wisdom and care. It is a pleasure to be coached by Jacqueline. From the first session you will see life from a different perspective. She is super friendly and open-minded.

With her I feel free to share all my doubts and ideas. I experienced through her coaching how my thoughts and emotions are the keys to reach my desired outcome and how to never give up on my desires and goals. One of the biggest benefits I received from being coached by Jacky is the transformation in my perspective towards my love relationship and my way of thinking. I’m truly thankful and happy to have this amazing, loving lady in my life. Jacky is an extraordinary coach.

Dr. Kristina Kiseleva

I am in love with her super peaceful voice, I became addicted to it.

Since I started being coached by Jacqueline Tabrizi, I’ve started to believe that in life you just need to know what you want. Everything else is in your hands and can be achieved. You design the life you want. You design the love you want to live. You create the feeling that you want to live.

I am impressed by her listening skills and her smooth way while guiding me when I have some stubborn resistance. Jacky helped me release unhealthy beliefs, and hidden blockages that had created a void and some great changes happened.

The question sequence and processes she uses to change your life perspective. I now can easily say that with her guidance I have created my personal road map to happiness and success.
Jacky walks her talks. She leads by example, which makes her coaching tools more real and effective.

I love her motto : live by design.

I am in love with her super peaceful voice, I became addicted to it.

Nancy Younes


I feel heard, understood, valued, supported and truly cared for.

Jacky is such a Jewel! I have such a deep love for Jacky and what she has brought into my life it is hard to put into words. If you are considering Jacky as a coach, you have nothing whatsoever to fear. Jacky is so loving, so compassionate, and yet so insightful! If you want to know what’s going on and how to fix it – Jacky will very lovingly guide you to ask yourself very enlightening questions. I have often come away from a coaching session with Jacky with a HUGE revelation or a big shift. She has helped me to uncover some deep rooted limiting beliefs that have been causing pain in my relationships. I always felt I could say anything to Jacky, nothing was off limits. I always felt safe from judgment. She has also shared her own personal success secrets with me that I have also found very powerful (when I use them!). I treasure my relationship with Jacky. I feel heard, understood, valued, supported and truly cared for. Thank you Jacky! xoxo


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